A personal, painted Soul Portrait, the Landscape of your Heart. Channeled Imagery and Guidance.

During an intuitive reading, through meditation and shamanic journeying I receive channeled imagery that shows where you are right now in that Landscape. In the image, all the details have meaning. During my creative process, I also receive words and channeled messages with guidance for the person. Each painting is accompanied with a 30 minutes live call where we can share our thoughts regarding the image that has come through.

A channeled image together with the intuitive reading can help you understand better what moves you and to see the areas to improve upon. It is a beautiful reminder that stays with you after the reading, helping you to stay focused with your Intention to Improve and Trust.

The resulting acrylic painting is on a 8″x10″ canvas board shipped to you after our online session.

My process:

After creating a sacred space and aligning my energies, I journey to receive guidance for you. During journeying I receive imagery and messages that can help you to have more clarity regarding your life and see the blocks that are holding you back. I also provide tools that can help you dissolve those blocks and empower you to start moving forward and feel happier and more at peace. During meditation I also see your energy field and can provide advise on how to cleanse it to feel stronger and to increase your vitality.

After the meditation I paint your Soul Portrait and send you a digital file as soon as it is ready so that we can set the date for the 30 min live call. During the live call we have a look at the image  and share our impressions regarding what has come through during my journey. I always send you the image and ask you to have a look at it before our session because often the images hold different meaning to you. Imagery is very personal and ultimately you should only accept what rings true to you.

After the live session the painting is shipped to you.