How do you feel when you think or hear the word Patience being repeated to you?? 🙂 I’d love to hear…

For me… I get this message ever so often from my guides and sometimes it really feels frustrating hahah as I – as most of us – want to move on and on, faster and faster 🙂

So they gifted me with the following message:

Many of you hear the word Patience coming up again and again.
Many of you feel frustrated in front of that word.

What is Patience?
Is it being stuck where you are?
Is it waiting for the right opportunity, the right moment, the right teacher


I don’t think anyone told you that.
I don’t believe you can stay put waiting for the right timing.

The Universe is always IN MOVEMENT, always EXPANDING, becoming wider and richer every day, every moment.

And so are You!

PATIENCE is moving forward.
Moving forward WITHOUT rushing.
Moving forward seeing the flowers blooming.
Moving forward smelling the nectar in the air.

Not rushing to a goal but rather enjoying the way to get there, the uprising lessons enriching your life.

And along the way … FINDING, NOTICING and APPRECIATING all the Beauty.

It is moving forward with your Heart open, experiencing and radiating Love.
Giving and receiving Love.
Facing the changes expecting Magic.

This is Patience. Moving forward at your own pace. Moving forward with Joy and Love that sets in motion the Universe.

Moving forward when Magic finds you.