Looking Back - Acrylic Painting by Piroska Nagy

Looking Back – Acrylic Painting on Wood by Piroska Nagy – 36×36 cm


My guides so often talk to me in rhymes 🙂
Here is what they had to tell me while I was painting this:

Still looking back?
Can’t yet decide
To run for your dreams
Or instead go hide?

What can you see?
What draws you in?
What burns your soul?
What boils within?

The trees are tall…
Too high the tide?
Which way to go
Can’t yet decide?

Now lift your foot
Just one step. Your head
Can rest for now.
Just look ahead…

See a golden path?
A silvery hollow?
The bright shining light?

You only need to follow…

Sometimes we have the guidance right in front of us and still we hesitate to see it 🙂 Take this as an invitation to proceed. Follow that light!