Today I was walking on the beach and I asked the stones for a volunteer to talk to. I saw this stone volunteering, shining brighter than the other ones and also heard him calling me.

I picked it up and went on a quiet place, hidden from the wind blowing.
I sat down and grounded myself, connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sun, feeling their energies along the spine, pulling me straight, tall, grounding me into the present moment. 

I then held the stone in my hand and asked him how he’s feeling.
He told me that he is so happy to feel the Elements of Nature in action. To hear the sound of the sea washing onto the shores. To feel the blowing of the wind cleansing him and the Sun, warming and recharging him, renewing his energies. He said it is a beautiful world.

For a moment I could feel his joy in my heart. It was such an uplifting sensation.

I then asked where he came from.
He told me he’s coming from Spain and it took him thousands of years to get here. He’s seen many lives and many beaches. I had to smile because he was so small but so wise.

And he was beautiful. At first sight, it was just a “normal” stone. But when you really looked at him, he was full of sparkling crystal light, enhanced by the water.

I told him he was beautiful. His answer was: “Yes. Just as beautiful as you are.” Suddenly I felt tears in my eyes.

I then asked him if he has a message to give me.
He said of course he does. He has many. But for today, my message is this:

Be open to the opportunities. You never know where you might end!

Ego brings up fear to hold you back, to prevent you to notice the opportunities that could serve your soul to grow. That might serve you to improve yourself.

Open your heart, as it is the heart that recognizes these opportunities. Stay open to what Universe is taking you to shine your Light on.

I thanked him from my heart for this timely message. I held him in my left hand and sent energy for him through the heart.
He was very happy to receive it, he said the energy coming through me is very strong and he feels it so invigorating. He thanked me deeply for sending it to him.

I then asked if I should bring him back right to the water.
He said: “Yes! I am ready to continue my journey. You never know where you might end!”