In the morning my guide told me to think of the very first 3 words that come to mind. The words that suddenly appeared in my head were Beauty, Love and Destiny. He told me that these are really beautiful words with beautiful concepts behind them. And then he gave me a message to each one of them.


Love is the connection to All.Peace and Beauty at the Heart.The complete balance of Yin&Yang. Masculine and Feminine. Connectedness and the sense of belonging. Exuberant colors dancing in the Light. The Joy that fills all your existence.

To love unconditionally means, to be in the present moment. To feel and appreciate every sparkle of energy in the now. Without judgement, without even evaluating. Just being and feeling with the Heart.

Within the Heart, there’s no polarity. Within the Heart there’s Integrity. Only through the Heart can we become who we came here to be. Only through this extreme sensation of belonging within Joy can we feel in Peace and see our Beauty. Only through connecting to the Heart can we become One with All.


Beauty is the Light shining through you.

Just have a look. When you’re feeling sad … look into the mirror. See all the Shadow? See the Darkness getting through?

Then do the opposite. Look into the mirror when you shine! See the light coming through! Do you see? No imperfections! No flows! You only see Light radiating through you.

Once you live in the Light-zone, once you are connected to your Heart and feel the immense Joy and Peace that lives within, look into the mirror again and see the magic.

There are no lines, there is no face OR body. There is only Light.

That Light is there even when you don’t see it.



Can you see a clear road ahead? Can’t you?
Do you believe there is a path set out for you?

Close you eyes and think of your past. Can you see the images of your past?
Although time is just a set attributes…. let’s just play and imagine these images of your past through a timeline.

Are you there? Can you see that thin, shining thread connecting the scenes? – I know you are smiling now.

Now look in front of you. Can you see that same thread leading you into the future? Can you step onto that thread?

Now try!

When you start walking what do you see?
Can you see the turning points? You can choose which way to go. You can always choose.

Can you choose the one that’s brighter, the one that is filled with Light?

Light is Beauty. And Beauty is Love.

Always choose Love. THAT is your Destiny!