I received a message with an image for the year of 2016.

According to this image, this year will be a lot about raising our vibration. Raising our vibration through Joy and Love. Especially by loving and nurturing ourselves.

“Dance in the Flow and bring the magic of that movement into your World. This dance is Light, it is Sparkle, it is connecting you to the Divine and also rooting you to Mother Earth. It is Breathing, Letting Go, Loving and Shining. It is the sparkle in your Heart. It is Wings that bring on Change. It is Life.”

We are dancing “alone”, only the music guiding. We are dancing with ourselves, by loving ourselves, by listening to the music guiding us and trusting it. It is about raising our vibration through love.

This image also tells me about this year being the year to step out of the everyday paleness, make that bold move, step up and out, step on the stage of our lives, step and be and dance in the Light.

Step out without being afraid of judgement, without caring who’s watching, just feel the music coming from your heart.

“It is between Light and You.”

This doesn’t mean it will be a lonely dance. It only means that it has to start WITH you, THROUGH you, from within.


Open your eyes and see the Magic.

Leave behind anything erratic.

Enjoy the Dance, dance through Fire.

Bravely follow your Desire.


Stand in the Sun, Feel the Magic.

There is nothing more erratic.

The Stars in your Heart shine brighter than Gold.

Be brave, courageous. Be bold.


Play, Love and Joy in your Heart

Should never be growing apart.


Last year I received a message which was a guiding principle for me “Let Your Heart Sing the Song”.

This year, we have to listen and tune into that song and dance to the tunes.


Happy New Year Everyone!