I’m an energy intuitive and artist, visionary dreamer and a channel to other dimensions. I love connecting with the energies of the Universe and channelling art and messages through the Heart.

I am an energy healer and a shamanic healing practitioner passionate about bringing back the long forgotten healing tools and modalities into our daily lives.

I believe we are all born with the ability to connect with the energy that surrounds us and get guidance and healing by tuning in and listening to our Hearts.

I welcome you to walk this path of Healing and Transformation with me.

Piroska Nagy

HeartScapes - The Landscape of Your Heart

HeartScapes - Soul Portrait Paintings

Ready to receive your personal energy-reading?

You will receive an intuitive reading and guidance through personal channeled imagery.
After the reading, the acrylic painting will be shipped to you. A beautiful reminder that will stay with you to help you with your focus and intention.

Recent Posts

  • Looking Back - Acrylic Painting by Piroska Nagy

Looking Back

  My guides so often talk to me in rhymes 🙂 Here is what they had to tell me while I was painting this: Still looking back? Can’t yet decide To run for your dreams Or...
October 6, 2016
  • Little Stone from the beach

Conversation with the Stone People

Today I was walking on the beach and I asked the stones for a volunteer to talk to. I saw this stone volunteering, shining brighter than the other ones and also heard him calling me....
June 14, 2016
  • Patience

On Patience

How do you feel when you think or hear the word Patience being repeated to you?? 🙂 I’d love to hear… For me… I get this message ever so often from my guides and sometimes it really...
June 14, 2016
  • Pink Lotus - Love, Beauty, Destiny

Message on Beauty, Love and Destiny

In the morning my guide told me to think of the very first 3 words that come to mind. The words that suddenly appeared in my head were Beauty, Love and Destiny. He told me...
June 14, 2016
  • Ballet Shoes - A New year's Message

A Message for the Year 2016

I received a message with an image for the year of 2016. According to this image, this year will be a lot about raising our vibration. Raising our vibration through Joy and Love. Especially by...
January 29, 2016

A channeled Prayer

In place of the dark Like away-falling bark, I invite Light to fill me. I invite Light to heal me. In place of the cold Like a worn coat on hold, I invite Light to...
June 14, 2016

Happy Clients

Viviane Masshardt Testimonial
The healing session with Piroska was the most amazing, deepest and profound healing I have ever experienced. She uncovered and worked on an issue that no one else had ever before addressed. I feel that the healing is still continuing now after more than a day and that this is almost the start of a new "me" being birthed. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Piroska's service.
Viviane Masshardt, Anguilla
Laura Zappia Testimonial
I have received two energy readings/healings (they truly are both!) from Piroska that have helped to shift me out of stuck and into doing!  Some of my inertia and conflict was due to past lives that needed recognition, acceptance and release. Piroska's energy is so pure and loving that I found myself shifted, without judgement or shock, basking in a love energy that just provides acceptance and forward motion.  You deserve a healing session with Piroska especially if you are stuck, burned out or simply confused about your next step. Piroska's insights are phenomenal and very loving. Her support team are very loving and helpful too. I am very, very grateful to have Piroska's help on my journey.
Laura Zappia, USA
Betty Dietz Testimonial
I recently had a healing session with Piroska Nagy, and would recommend her to anyone who feels stuck, out of balance, or confused about how to move forward. Piroska is a gifted healer who connects at the soul level and offers guidance that is clear, empowering, and nurturing. She has a lovely sense of humor, too, and makes the time together both fun and magical.
Betty Dietz, USA
Sue Miller Testimonial
I have known Piroska for a few years now and have been witness to her spiritual growth with her ever expanding gifts as energy healer, channeler and artist. The intuitive wisdom that pours out of her during our sessions has made an impact on my life. She has helped me clear deep negative thought patterns along with stagnant energy to allow the healing process to begin. I trust Piroska completely. She gives loving guidance. She has also generously, outside of any session, given me effective energetic tools to help me navigate through challenging relationships. I recently purchased a channeled painting Piroska had created. This painting resonates deeply with me. The message this painting conveys to me is to push past your fears and TRUST. One step at a time. Spirit is supporting you. I highly recommend having a session and/or more with Piroska. You will be more aware of the soul that you are.
Sue Miller, USA
Aliza Musleah Testimonial
Piroska is a loving healer with a warm and open heart. As she channels, you can feel her words penetrating through all the cells of your body, healing and uplifting your emotional and physical bodies. She is pure and selfless in her energy. As she fills you with her loving heart, it is as though you are wrapped in angels’ wings, being soothed comforted and brought back to wholeness.
Aliza Musleah, USA
Carina Bolz Testimonial
I had already attended several remote healing sessions so I can say I am a bit experienced. I really liked your setup and your loving support and gentle guidance during our session. It was easy to follow and brought me into deep inner peace. I could really sense the rainbow energy and feel it in my body. Even my wonderful dog was able to perceive it than he resisted to lay down in my lap during the meditation 🐶 I can really recommend  to participate in this healing sessions.
Carina B., Germany